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Same-day tracked local shipping for business
as from Rs 110.

Bongéni delivery helps small businesses and e-commerce reach more clients and increase sales by offering same day and next day delivery for less.
Bongeni Business Delivery Service - Mauritius Same-day Local Shipping. Bongeni Business Delivery Service - Mauritius Same-day Local Shipping.

Delight your customer

Enable your store to get anything delivered to your clients faster and better. Same day. Door-to-door.
Bongeni Business Delivery Service - Mauritius Same-day Local Shipping. Bongeni Business Delivery Service - Mauritius Same-day Local Shipping.

Save your time

Keep focused on running your business. Let us handle the local deliveries for you with our tracked shipping.
Bongeni Business Delivery Service - Mauritius Same-day Local Shipping. Bongeni Business Delivery Service - Mauritius Same-day Local Shipping.

Save money

No hidden fees. Upfront, instant quotes with competitive pricing. Less packaging required.

Efficient solution for your business.

You work hard to create the best product for your customer. We work hard to ensure the delivery service lives up to it.
Furniture delivery service

Furniture and home decor

Bongéni is the most convenient and affordable way to deliver furniture, rugs and other home decor items that need careful handling. Save some cash by choosing Bongéni to bring your items right to customer’s door.

Artisan food delivery service

Artisan Food

Bongéni is an optimal same-day delivery solution for bakeries, butcher shops, cheese, dairy, and other food producers. Provide convenience to your existing clients and sell more artisan goods to customers who might be outside of your current delivery zone.

Auto parts and tyres delivery service

Auto parts & Tyres

Whether you are delivering car parts to repair shops or buying and selling parts online - Bongéni handles auto parts shipping with ease. Transmissions, shock absorbers, tyres — use Bongéni app to tell us where an item needs to go.

Heavy equipment and construction tools delivery service

Heavy equipment

Bongéni drivers have the right vehicles to carefully deliver construction and heavy items: lawn mowers, table saws, tile saws, power generators, air compressors and most tools or power equipment you may need to do your job.

Fruits and vegetables delivery service

Fruits and Vegetables

We help local farmers to provide fast and convenient home delivery for local fruits and vegetables fresh from your fields to the customer doorstep.

Rush delivery service

Rush deliveries

Bongéni local shipping service helps you deliver unexpected or rush orders and accommodate for last-minute changes.

Local shipping service. Re-invented.

We make it easy, allowing you to schedule, track and know when your deliveries have arrived. Plus, we’re here to help on every step of the process.

Create your account

Take a few steps to fill in your business details. Registration is quick and easy.

Create an order

Use Bongéni App or web dashboard to create the first order choosing vehicle type, date and time you need us.

Get it delivered

Your order will be picked up and delivered by a pre-screened, verified driver according to your schedule. You will be updated about your load location and arrival through the Bongéni app.

Same day delivery service for business

Real-time tracking and notifications on any device.

Bongéni Delivery Sender App Screenshot

Never wonder where you delivery is again. Bongéni provides live order tracking as well as confirmation photos and text updates at every point of the process. The service is available on any device you use: desktop as well as iOS and Android smartphones.

Bongéni Delivery Sender App Screenshot

Your questions answered:

How to order delivery for business in Mauritius?

We make it easy for you to schedule, track and know when deliveries have arrived to your clients:

  • Create an order. Prepare your package to be picked up. Login to Bongéni Web Booker, choose pick-up and drop-off location, select required delivery option, get instant quote and confirm the order.
  • Get match with a driver. The driver will come to pick-up your goods at a scheduled time. You can also communicate with your driver prior to pick-up and along the way.
  • Track your load. Stay updated about your load location in real time and, if required, get the Proof of Delivery.

Check our Guidebook on How to Launch Same-Day Delivery for Your Business and and Getting started to place orders with WebBooker.

What is Bongéni?

Bongéni is a technology platform where businesses seeking delivery services are matched with relevant transportation services provided by the pre-screened fleet of independent drivers. Learn more here: Getting started for business senders.

What can businesses deliver through Bongéni?

We’ll deliver anything for you as long as it fits in a car, pickup or truck and is not on a restricted item list (Clause 3.4. of Terms of Service). Need to send something oversized? That’s what we’re here for! Many of our drivers have large trucks and vans, and they’re perfect for delivering hard-to-transport items that traditional shipping companies can’t handle.

Will the driver help me with loading and unloading?

You will have an option to request loading/unloading assistance by the driver to help load and unload your items. However, if your load is too big or too heavy to be safely handled by an average person - please make sure to have someone at the pickup and delivery locations to do the heavy lifting.

How much does the business delivery cost?

We offer clear, upfront pricing. No set up fees or fuel charges. For multi-stop deliveries we offer fixed pricing to each district of Mauritius. Check for more details here: Delivery Rates and Payment Methods for Business Partners.

Will I get the Proof of Delivery?

Upon transfer of the goods to the recipient, the driver makes a photo and receives recipient signature directly in the app.
For business senders, requiring a signed delivery note - the driver can provide a scan or photo of the note signed by client. If you need original delivery note - please let us know in advance and driver will bring the originals back to you. An extra return fee will be applicable.