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We’re really excited to have you join the Bongéni community. To help you get started as an approved driving partner, we’ve broken down the ins and outs — from navigating the app and getting paid, to practical tips and getting five stars reviews. Feel free to save this page to your browser or phone to reference as needed.

It’s a lot of information — we know. But if there’s one part you read in this entire guide, make sure it’s these four things:

  • Be yourself.
    Drive only your approved car and use only your Driver-ID account. Our senders expect to see the vehicle associated with your Bongéni account, and we do not want to confuse them. Violation of this rule will lead to deactivation of your account.
  • Hands-free is best.
    Using a phone mount allows you to keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. Please don’t text and drive — it’s distracting and can be dangerous.
  • Free up every seat.
    While we’d all love to bring our buddies, please don’t bring friends or family along when delivering orders. You may need to have all the vehicle space on any given order.
  • Transport items only.
    Our platform is designed for on-demand hauling and moving of items, not people. Acceptance to transport the Sender or any other person together with the requested delivery load is violating Bongéni Terms and Conditions and will lead to permanent deactivation of your account.