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Nappies, baby formula

Pick-up and delivery of diapers, nappies, baby formula and other baby products all across Mauritius.

How nappies delivery works.

Need a helping hand with nappies or baby formula delivery in Mauritius? Get you baby food and diapers delivered today and watch in real-time as Bongéni driver brings the order.

Order nappies from a local baby store.

Place an order at your baby store by phone. Arrange for payment directly with the baby shop. Tell them that a driver will come to pick it up for you.

Order delivery in the app.

Select pick-up and drop-off and provide retailer contact details in the comments, so that the driver can pick-up your order easily.

Track your order in real-time.

Get your baby diapers or formula delivered to your door. Stay updated about your order location through the Bongéni app. Pay the driver for delivery in cash or by Juice.

On demand delivery order process diagram

Make your booking and track it in the app.

Bongéni Delivery Sender App Mockup

No need to waste your time in traffic. Our drivers pick up and deliver door-to-door when and where is most convenient for you. Download the app for iOS or Android for free.

Bongéni Delivery Sender App Mockup

We deliver more than nappies.

Need helium balloons? Flowers? Groceries? Party supplies? We can pick-up and deliver anything you need within an hour.
Moving and furniture delivery service

Groceries pick-up

No need to spend your time to pick up your groceries at a local shop - Bongéni will pick it up and deliver to you at your convenience.

Apartment and office moving service

Pharmacy delivery

Buy online your non-prescription medicine or cosmetics and Bongéni driver will pick it up at the pharmacy and bring it to you right when you need it.

Appliance and home decor delivery service

Shopping Delivery

You order online at your favourite home appliance or decor store and we pick it up for you.

Moving and furniture delivery service

Furniture delivery

Shopped more than you can carry? Our drivers’ pickups and trucks have enough space to bring it all the way to your home.

Storage moving service

Storage Moves

It's getting a little bit tight at home? We get your stuff to and from storage without a sweat.

Apartment and office moving service

Apartment Moves

It's time to move to your new place? We make moving easy and cheap for everyone.

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Baby Formula & Nappies Delivery | Online Shop

Nappies, but not only! Order at our BabyBest online store, where you can buy Pampers and Huggies diapers, wet wipes, organic baby food, Nestle baby formula, and much more. Same day nappies and baby formula delivery in Mauritius available.

Baby Formula & Nappies Delivery | Online Shop