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Car Concierge Service.

Our car concierge service helps you deliver to your clients what they value the most - time and convenience.

Delight your customers with the convenience
of car concierge experience.

Bongéni car concierge service provides insurance companies and auto dealers a fully automated solution for pick-up and drop-off of their customer's vehicles for the repair and service appointments.
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For insurance companies

Are you eager to make car accident handling for your customers as hassle-free as possible? Once all formalities are settled and it is time to bring the car for repair - offer your clients free car concierge service for their convenience.

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For dealerships

We all know that it can be difficult to fit auto maintenance in the client’s busy schedule. Our innovative car repair concierge concept gives you new opportunities to improve the quality of the services to your valued customers.

New trend for customer-centric brands.

Car concierge pick up and delivery services can improve the customer experience to a degree that the customer is more inclined to come back next time whether it is for the insurance, service at your dealership or to buy a new car.
Mauritius Automobile Concierge Service, Car Pickup and Drop-off Mauritius Automobile Concierge Service, Car Pickup and Drop-off

Delight your customer

Stay ahead of competition, showing the customers that you really care about their convenience.
Mauritius Automobile Concierge Service, Car Pickup and Drop-off Mauritius Automobile Concierge Service, Car Pickup and Drop-off

Keep focused

Keep focused on running your core business with our fully automated solution for concierge scheduling and tracking.
Mauritius Automobile Concierge Service, Car Pickup and Drop-off Mauritius Automobile Concierge Service, Car Pickup and Drop-off

Save money

We know you would like to make the service free for your clients. We help you doing so with our instant quotes at very competitive rates.

Automobile concierge service. Re-invented.

Our logistics platform provides a reliable pick-up/drop-off concierge service with real-time monitoring of vehicle location.

Car pick up for repair

A car concierge comes to the client at the agreed time to pick up the car and bring it to the garage for repair, so that the vehicle owner does not need to go by himself.

Car drop-off after repair

Once the car is repaired, another car concierge will bring it back to the client.

Replacement car option

As an option, the car concierge may also be requested to bring to the client a replacement car from a rent-a-car company to be used while the client's vehicle is in the repair.

On demand delivery order process diagram

Your questions answered:

What is Bongéni?

Bongéni is a technology company providing a marketplace where businesses who seek car concierge and delivery services are connected to the pre-screened fleet of independent drivers.

Who are the concierges?

Bongéni concierges are independent contractors connected to our online platform. Each of them is trained to provide exceptional customer service, must earn our certification and pass a multi-tiered screening which includes: ID and license check, address verification, onboaring interview, online learning and final test.

How much does concierge service cost?

The rate is calculated based on the distance between pick-up and drop-off. Once you choose these parameters in the app you will get an instant quote before confirming the order.

What is included in the service?

Depending on the specific arrangement with the client, this type of order may include:

  • Pick-Up Replacement Car. Concierge arrives at the car-rental company location, take a replacement car and bring it to the client location.
  • Pick-Up Client's Car at Client Location. Concierge arrives at the client location, contact the client, accept clients' vehicle and drive it to the designated garage for repair.
  • Drop-Off Client's Car at Garage. Concierge hands over the car at the shop after acceptance by authorised personnel.
  • Pick-Up Client's Car at Garage. Concierge arrives at the garage, contact the reception, accept clients' vehicle after repair and drive it to the client location.
  • Drop-Off Client's Car at Client Location. Concierge returns the client's repaired vehicle to the client at his location.
  • Drop-Off Replacement Car. Concierge returns the replacement car to the car-rental company location.