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Buy online.
Deliver from store.

Bongéni app makes it easy to get your purchase delivered to you on the same-day

Get your online purchase delivered right away.

You order online at your favourite electronics, home appliance or decor store and we pick it up and deliver to your door.

Buy online or by phone.

Place an order at a store online or by phone. Arrange for payment directly with the store. Make the arrangement that Bongéni driver will pick up your purchase for you.

Order delivery in the app.

Select pick-up and drop-off, select the right type of vehicle if you have oversized, heavy, or bulky items, provide store contact details in the comments, so that the driver can pick-up your purchase easily.

Track your order in real-time.

Get your order delivered to your door. Stay updated about your item location through the Bongéni app. Pay the driver for delivery in cash or by MCB Juice.

On demand delivery order process diagram

Why choose Bongéni.

Bongéni makes it easier and cheaper to have any online purchase delivered to your door within an hour or two.
Mauritius Buy Online Deliver From Store Delivery Service | Bongéni Mauritius Buy Online Deliver From Store Delivery Service | Bongéni

Save Your Time

Don't waste time sitting in traffic. Bongéni can deliver just about anything, so there’s no need to pick it up yourself.
Mauritius Buy Online Deliver From Store Delivery Service | Bongéni Mauritius Buy Online Deliver From Store Delivery Service | Bongéni

Send For Less

Bongéni is the most convenient and economical way to send oversized items, bulky furniture or large heavy goods.
Mauritius Buy Online Deliver From Store Delivery Service | Bongéni Mauritius Buy Online Deliver From Store Delivery Service | Bongéni

Enjoy Peace of Mind

Our point-to-point delivery ensures that your items are in good hands with pre-screened, verified drivers and real-time tracking.

Your questions answered:

What can I send through Bongéni?

From your bicycle to a new TV set, from pet food to a couch - we’ll move anything for you as long as it fits in a car, pickup or truck and is not on a restricted item list. Need to send something oversized? That’s what we’re here for! Many of our drivers have large trucks and vans, and they’re perfect for delivering hard-to-transport items that traditional shipping companies can’t handle.

How to send something in Mauritius?

We make it easy to send your items around Mauritius, allowing you to schedule, track and know when your deliveries have arrived:

  • Get the app. First of all, you need to download and install the free Bongéni mobile app.
  • Create instant order. Prepare your package to be picked up. Login to Bongéni App, choose pick-up and drop-off location, select required delivery option, get instant quote and confirm the order.
  • Get match with a driver. The driver will personally come to your door. You can also communicate with your driver prior to pick-up and along the way.
  • Track your load. Stay updated about your load location at all times through the Bongéni app.

Do I need to be present at the pickup location or destination?

Of course someone has to be available at pickup and destination, either you or someone else. Please add contact persons (other than yourself) who will be meeting our driver at pickup/destination, indicating name and phone number in the comments, while making your booking through our mobile app.

What is Bongéni?

Bongéni is a delivery and local shipping logistics platform, connecting you to a vehicle with a driver, ready to move your stuff on the same day or up to 30 days from now.

How much will my delivery cost?

The price is calculated based on the vehicle type you choose, the distance between pick-up and drop-off and whether you will need driver’s assistance with loading and unloading. Once you choose there parameters in the app you will get instant quote before confirming the order.

Will the driver help me with loading and unloading?

Once you have selected a vehicle type for your delivery, you will have an option to request loading/unloading assistance by the driver. If you plan to move oversized items (like furniture), you may need to have extra movers available to load and unload your items together with the driver. So please make sure to have someone at the pickup and delivery locations to do the heavy lifting.

Our customers speak.

Bongéni is making same-day shipping, delivery and moving affordable, predictable, and flexible.
Was very helpful and flexible for the job we needed.
Driver was very helpful. We needed a bigger truck than what was proposed in the app, contacted Bongeni for the request and they immediately arranged and provided us with a bigger truck. Very professional, will definitely recommend their services to anyone.
Frederic Gentil
Roches Noires
With Bongeni the price is right !
Martin Cady R.
Bain Boeuf
I'll use the app again.
I bought furniture and needed it delivered. It was the first time using the app. Veersingh was great! On time, friendly and very helpful.
Annabelle Appadoo
Quatre Borne
Wonderful and much needed service 🙏
Tavin Nubee
Port Louis

Track your items in real-time.

Bongéni Delivery Sender App Mockup

Our drivers come to help you with your moving when and where is most convenient for you. And you can track you load in the app in real-time. Download the app for iOS or Android for free.

Bongéni Delivery Sender App Mockup