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For the moment two payment methods are available on teh platform: "Cash to the driver" and "Payment by invoice". Other payment options, including credit cards, will be available soon.

Payment method: Cash to the driver

Under this payment option the driver receives the full payment for delivery directly from the client in cash. This full payment includes the Service Fee due to Bongéni.

Subject to the prior agreement from the driver, the client may instead make the payment through MCB Juice to the driver’s personal bank account. This option is considered equivalent to the cash payment, but is only possible if the driver has expressly accepted in advance this client’s request.

The payment is usually done at the end of delivery, but a client may also elect to pay at the pickup point.

At the end of the week, the driver receives by email an invoice from Bongéni for the Service Fees related to all the deliveries the driver performed during the previous week. This service fee invoice has to be paid to the Bongéni bank account within 3 working days following invoice date by Juice or bank transfer.

Payment method: Payment by invoice

This payment option is used for business Milti-Stop deliveries and is only available to Merchant Partners, who completed onboarding and verification to create Business Account on the platform.

Under this payment option the invoice for delivery service is issued on behald of the Driving Partner by Bongéni, acting as a limited payment collection agent. Invoices are issued automatically after completion of the delivery and the Merchant Partner is required to settle the invoice within 3 working days.

Upon receiving the payment from the Merchant Partner, Bongéni will transfer the full amount due for delivery minus corresponsing Service Fee to the driver's bank account at MCB. The payment is done automatically by end of the week, when the payment is received from the Merchant Partner.

Payment method: Credit Card

This payment option is expected in the coming months.

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