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Invoices for logistic services

As part of the platform services, Bongéni provides you a system for issuing invoices to senders for your rendered logistic services.

Upon your completion of a delivery for a sender, Bongéni prepares an applicable invoice and issues such invoice to the sender via email on your behalf. Such invoices are also provided to you via email or the online portal available to you if you joined Bongéni as Fleet Partner.

Invoices include the breakdown of amounts charged to the sender for logistics services and include specific information about you, including your name and vehicle information.

Any corrections to such invoices for logistics services must be submitted to Bongéni in writing within three (3) business days after the completion of such logistics services. Absent such a notice, Bongéni shall not be liable for any mistakes in or corrections to the invoice or for recalculation or disbursement of the delivery rate.

Invoices for the Service Fee

At the end of each week when you performed deliveries with Bongéni, you will receive an invoice from Bongéni for the service fees related to all the deliveries you performed during the previous week. Invoices include the breakdown of amounts of Service Fees charged to you for each order you have delivered. This service fee invoice has to be paid to Bongéni bank account within 3 working days by Juice or bank transfer.

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