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Navigating to pickup

Start navigating to pick-up location

Once you press “Accept”, the client knows you are on the way and can track your vehicle in the app - so make sure to go directly to the pick-up location and do not turn off GPS or internet connection. You may press Navigate button and a navigation app of your choice will opened to help you navigate to the pick-up location.

Confirm arrival to pick-up

Once you arrived to the pick-up location press the green button “Tap when arrived at pick-up”. Make sure not to press this button until the moment you have actually reached the pick-up location to avoid penalties. Please contact the Sender (or the pick-up contact provided in the comments) by telephone or SMS.

The Sender may require you to show your ID card to make sure that you are the driver, assigned by the app.

Now let's move to the pick-up process: Pick-up checklist.