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Pick-up checklist

Content verification and package check

You are required to visually inspect items before accepting the load for transportation and must take pictures of any visible damage. If a Sender doesn’t leave the packaging open, you always have the right to require Sender to open packaging to inspect items before accepting the load for transportation. You are allowed to cancel the order without penalty if a sender does not allow inspection of the contents. If you fail to inspect the contents it is done at your own risk. You will be held liable for property damage that occurs between pick up and drop off if no evidence of prior damage exists.

Warn customer if you change order conditions

If the shipment is bigger or heavier than the declared one, if the recipient has refused and the shipment needs to be returned, if you need to change destination, if something else happened that could affects the cost of the order, notify the customer, and then contact the Support Center to change the order.

Assistance/No assistance

A client have an option to request loading/unloading assistance by the driver to help load and unload items. So, depending on the terms of the order you have accepted, you may be required to assist in the loading/unloading of the items.

Small items (which can be handled by a physically capable grownup person) you are suppose to handle yourself. However, if your load is too big or too heavy to be safely handled by an average person - the Sender is required to provide at least one other person at the pickup and delivery locations to do the heavy lifting together with you.

Payment at pickup - Cash method

If the sender selected payment at pickup option this is the right time to receive the payment in cash. Subject to your prior agreement, the client may also make the payment through MCB Juice to the your personal bank account.

Now it's time to hit the road to the drop-off location: Navigating to drop-off.