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Drop-off checklist

Transfer of the load

Once you meet the recipient - make sure this is the person you are looking for.

To avoid misunderstanding please remind the recipient now about the amount to be paid (unless you received the payment at pick-up). Exceptionally, if you have concerns about the receipient credibility, you may ask for the payment at this stage, but usually payments are done after transfer of the goods to the recipient.

Ok, now it is time to transfer the load to the client. Again, depending on the terms of the order you have accepted, you may be required to assist in the loading/unloading of the items.

Proof of delivery

After you handed over the load to the recipient it is very important to get the recipient signature on the proof of delivery field. And then proceed to making the pictures from the same app screen.

Take pictures of the load

For drop-off it is required to make photos of the items after handing them over to the recipient, ideally with recipient in the frame. Please ask recipient politely whether you can take photos with him and the goods. However, do not insist - if recipient does not want to be photographed - just take photos of the delivered items.

Payment at drop-off - Cash method

After the load is handed over to the recipient you have to proceed with the payment (only cash method and unless you received the payment at pick-up). Subject to your prior agreement, the client may also make the payment through MCB Juice to the your personal bank account.

Once you received the payment - press “Done”.

Congratulations on successful completion of your first delivery!

If it was not perfect - no worries: you’ll get even better with every order.

Now just once more piece of advise - about when and how to change your online status in the app: Online/offline status.