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Online/offline status

Drivers can switch their status between “online“ and “offline“. To toggle online/offline status: open your Bongéni Driver app and tap the car icon.

When to be online

Instant orders. You need to be online if you want to receive and accept instant orders. Instant orders are matched based on the proximity of the pickup location to the driver‘s current location.

Scheduled orders. Notifications for scheduled orders can only be received when a driver is online. However the app enables drivers to interact with a scheduled orders even when being offline.

While performing orders. It is also very important to be online while performing your order. From the moment you started navigating to the pick-up location till the moment the delivery is completed you are required to keep the Driver app online to make sure that the client can track the position of the load in Sender app.

When to go offline

When you want to stop taking new orders or take a break, tap the car icon at the top of your screen any time once your delivery is complete.

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