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Code of conduct

Vehicle care

The vehicle used by the Driver for delivery services should be in good operating condition, clean and well maintained. The car on the outside: without material physical damage; and on the inside: free from any smoke or odor, free of rubbish or excessive pet dander, at all times. Vehicles will not display any indication of services being performed.

Drivers appearance

Driver shall have a well-groomed appearance, and will not wear clothing displaying the logo or brand of any company or entity, whether or not belonging to such Driver’s employer, or other clothing, which could be deemed offensive. Drivers shall not smoke at any time during the delivery, including on the way to pick up a delivery. Drivers, while providing Services, shall not participate in any activities that will take the focus off their assigned responsibilities or be under the influence of any illegal drugs and/or alcohol. Drivers shall abide by all laws regarding talking or texting while driving.

Respect the deal and privacy

Drivers shall not enter client’s home (whether on pick-up or drop-off), solicit tips from client nor enter or access any secure, private or employee only areas in any place of business (including airports) while performing a delivery under any circumstances.

Respect other people

Driver will not discriminate or harass anyone on the basis of race, national origin, religion, gender, gender identity, physical or mental disability, medical condition, marital status, age or sexual orientation. Discrimination of any kind may result in the offender's immediate deactivation.

Protect confidentiality

Driver will not collect or store the name, address, phone number or other personal or confidential information of any Sender or contact persons, indicated in the order, and will not use any personal or confidential information of any Sender or contact persons except as necessary to perform and complete the delivery. 

Zero-tolerance drug and alcohol policy

Bongéni has a zero-tolerance drug and alcohol policy for drivers. All cases will be reported by clients directly to the police.

Zero-tolerance theft policy

Bongéni has a zero-tolerance theft policy. All cases will be reported by clients directly to the police and Bongéni will make available to the authorities all the information necessary to assist law enforcement, when requested within valid legal process.

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