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Cancellation Policy

Cancellations are here for when things don’t go to plan, but they tend to be a bad experience for everyone involved. Choosing wisely is so important.

Reasons to cancel a delivery you accepted

We recommend using your best judgment when cancelling.

Emergency: If you have an emergency and cannot pick up an order you have already accepted, you can always cancel the ride.


  • The client is under influence of alcohol or generally behave in an inadequate manner;
  • The client does not allow for package inspection;
  • The package contains items, which are on the list of Prohibited Items (p.3.4 of Terms and Conditions).

  • If you cancel for any of the above reasons, make sure to reach out to Bongéni support team so they’re aware and can review the request.

    Cancellations and your rating

    Your cancellation rate is not affected by passenger cancellations or no-shows. Only rides which you cancel yourself or decline to accept are factored into your cancelation rate.

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