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Understanding the Bongéni ratings system

At the end of each delivery, the Sender will have the opportunity to give you a rating on a scale of 1 to 5 stars, with 5 being the best.

Ratings are a way for drivers to get feedback from the clients and continue to improve. Rating also affects your access to new orders. Consistently low ratings can put you at risk of deactivation.

We know drivers work hard for their ratings, and we’re here to help you keep ratings high. So read further to find ways to improve.

Before heading to the client

Read order comments carefully. Asking a customer to cancel an order at the last moment is a very bad idea. Therefore, in responding, you should know how to quickly get to the first address. You should be aware of all the parameters of the order so that a heavy shipment does not come as a surprise to you.

Do not call customers from 20:00 to 8:00. Do not disturb the customer with calls. If you need to clarify something, write to the client SMS after 8:00. Call only if the pick-up time is approaching and the client is not responding. Be patient: on business days, customers may not respond immediately. Try not to miss calls from customers.

Appearance. Appearance should be well-groomed, clothing should be clean and breath fresh.

Take your National ID with you. It is necessary. The customer can request it at any time. If the client informs us that you did not have a National ID with you, it will affect your internal rating. You may need a National ID to enter a business centre or for the peace of mind of a client who trusts you with something valuable. Or you may not need it at all. In any case, keeping a National ID with you is a good habit.

Navigating to pickup location

Press the button “Start to pickup”. So the customer will understand that you are on the road, and will not call to find out where you are.

Don't be late. If you understand that you are late, be sure to notify the client in advance - send an SMS or call. An unaware customer can simply leave. An informed one may wait for you.

Do not come in advance. Respect customers: they choose pick-up time for a reason. In extreme cases, if you are already nearby, invite the client to meet earlier. The main thing is not to insist if the client does not agree.

At the pick-up location

Communicate friendly and politely. Never be rude. Even in response to the rudeness of the client. Settle all difficult situations through the dispatcher - write to the chat.

Warn customer if you change order conditions. If the shipment is bigger or heavier than the declared one, if the recipient has refused and the shipment needs to be returned, if you need to change destination, if something else happened that could affects the cost of the order, notify the customer, and then contact the dispatcher to change the order.

Do not require prepayment. The order always indicates its cost and the client may select to pay either at pick-up or drop-off locations.

Do not require surcharge. Surcharges for paid waiting, change of address, change in weight and other conditions of the order are made through the dispatcher and are reflected in the total cost of the order.

Follow these rules and customers will be satisfied. Breaking the rules leads to rating downgrade and even account deactivation.

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