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What's new in the Driver app v.2.0

Bongéni is always listening to the drivers' feedback and constantly work to improve user experience on our platform. The Driver app version 2.0 is a major step in this direction, implementing the most important new features and correcting the issues that drivers have communicated to us during the first 8 month of our operations. Here’s a quick tour of the most notable changes in the app.

Brand new home screen

The new home screen allows drivers to manage bookings without going to any of the side menu sections.

New App Home Screen

The home screen features a new bottom view with 3 tabs:

  • Active. To manage an active booking.
  • Upcoming. To view and start or reject claimed bookings.
  • Requests. To review and respond to booking requests.

The Green dot next to Upcoming indicates that there is a booking that can be started.

The Red dot next to Requests indicates that there is a new scheduled booking available for claiming.

A driver can switch between tabs at any time except for the Proof of Delivery and Payments sub-flows.

The map always displays the active booking route.

Active tab

Under the Active tab, a driver manages the ongoing booking. This is the only part of the new app that didn't change.

App Active Tab

As before, a driver progresses through the booking, completing the stops one by one. Once all the stops are completed, a driver enters the payment flow and finalizes the booking.

Upcoming tab - starting a booking

App Upcoming Tab

A driver can start the claimed booking 60 minutes before the scheduled time.

This moment marks the start of the time period within which a driver can start the booking manually. The time period expires 30 minutes before the scheduled time.

If the time period expires and a driver doesn't start the booking, they will be removed from the booking and the booking will be offered as an Instant booking to all eligible drivers, including the one who didn't manage to start it on time if they're still eligible.

Requests tab

Under the Requests tab, a driver can see a list of scheduled bookings available for claiming.

App Requests Tab

Once a booking is claimed, it moves to the Upcoming tab.

Only one driver can claim a booking. Once a booking is claimed, it disappears from the list of Requests for other drivers.

A driver can claim scheduled bookings while being offline (with active internet connection, of course).

Getting notified about a new scheduled booking

If there is a new booking available for claiming, the app will show a scheduled request screen.

New Scheduled Notification

Note that the app highlights the scheduled time with a green color.

A driver can tap Later to dismiss the screen. The booking request will not be rejected. It will become available under the Requests tab.

When it's not possible to start a booking

There are three cases when a driver won't be able to start a booking.

Go Online Notification

A driver is offline

If a driver is offline, the Start button is disabled and the button title shows Go online to start.

Complete Active Trip Notification

A driver has an active booking

If it's time to start a claimed booking but a driver has an active booking, the Start button remains disabled and the button title shows Complete active trip to start.

Capabilities Not Matching Notification

Capabilities don't fit

If a driver is online with capabilities that do not fit to the booking, the app shows the alert prompting a driver to go online with the "right" capabilities or call support.

Rejecting a previously claimed scheduled booking

Rejecting Claimed Booking

A driver can reject the previously claimed scheduled booking by going to Booking details and tapping the Reject button. Please note that such cancellation affects driver's rating.

If there is still some time before a booking must be started, it will be offered again as a scheduled booking request to all eligible drivers. If there is no time left, a booking will be converted into an Instant booking.

Now you are all set to start your first delivery: Performing delivery.